Because of the covid-19 pandemia the workshop was cancelled.

An e-workshop organised on 08-09 April 2021 will provide an update on these topics, awaiting the next regular workshop which will be hopefully held in Alghero on 23-28 May 2022.


Main topic

Mechanical architectured materials are designed to feature extreme or non-classical properties such as negative Poisson’s ratio or strain floppy modes. These emergent properties may require generalized continua such as strain-gradient or micromorphic continua in order to bring-out accurately the effective mechanical behavior.


The present workshop is dedicated to the understanding and the predictive modelling of these architectured materials. A particular attention will be paid to non-classical up-scaling methods, new topology optimization techniques, experimental characterization of the non-classical properties and the computational techniques required by generalized continua.

Topics and preliminary program:

  • Up-scaling methods for non-classical continua in mechanics (Monday 25th)
  • Fabrication and testing of non-classical continua (Tuesday 26th) + social diner
  • Topology optimization of Metamaterials (Wednesday 27th)
  • Computational and numerical aspects (Thursday 28th)

Confirmed keynote Speakers:

  • Graeme Milton (Department of Mathematics, University of Utah, USA)
  • Martin Wegener, (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
  • Valery P. Smyshlyaev (University College London, UK)
  • Tomasz Lekszycki (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
  • François Jouve (Université Paris-Diderot, France)


  • Abstract, 31st March 2020,
  • Registration, 30th April 2020


  • Boris Desmorat (Institut D’Alembert, Sorbonne Université)
  • Arthur Lebée (Laboratoire Navier, École des Ponts - ParisTech, France)
  • Pierre Seppecher (Imath, Toulon university, France)
  • Emilio Turco (University of Sassari, Italy)

The workshop will have a limited number of participants. Please register as soon as possible.

Participation fees is 200€, and covers only coffee breaks and one social diner.

This workshop is funded by:

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